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STEMROBO’s Impact on Hands-On Learning and Skill Development

One of the most fundamental 21st-century skills is hands-on or practical learning, especially in the tech-driven educational environment of today.

Students don’t want education that is based on Rote memorization they need a platform where they can learn concepts by creating different types of projects using modern technology and engaging in various activities. They want education that is focused on something other than memorization.

Hands-on learning is a way of educating students where they may apply what they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

One of the primary advantages of hands-on learning is its ability to expand academic knowledge. Students learn more effectively and retain knowledge when they apply theoretical concepts in practical situations. Through active engagement, they strengthen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills and develop a stronger understanding of the fundamental concepts.

STEMROBO is one of the leading Educational Technology Companies providing End-to-End solutions for K-12 students.

We foster learning and innovation skills through our cutting-edge STEM education programs. As one of the top robotics and artificial intelligence companies in India, we offer integrated solutions that empower students to become creative thinkers and problem solvers. Our curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including robotics, AI, and IoT, enabling students to gain hands-on experience and develop critical skills.

We provide a variety of labs, such as AI/IoT lab, STEM lab, and Robotics lab where students can apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom to make projects in the real world.

We also offer different types of kits such as Robotic kits, Basic electronic kits, Arduino kits, Mechatron kits and many more

These kits can be used by students to create practical scientific projects.

As an example, if a student has learned the theoretical concept of how a fan operates in their classroom, they can now apply this knowledge in our STEM Lab to create a project based on this concept.

To accomplish this, we offer kits that include all the necessary tools, such as a motor, battery, propeller fan, and other equipment needed to complete the project.

The students are going to connect all of the components, and when they turn on the switch, they will see that the fan is operating.

In this way, they will learn the fundamental idea behind how a fan operates as well as how current flows through the fan. They will also learn how to build a customized fan, which will enable them to become developers.

So, in this way, the students will learn the concept more effectively and can also be able to remember it for a longer time

We also organize various group activities where students can participate and work with other students to create a project, this will make them learn other critical skills like how to manage time, how to work in a team, and how they can be good leaders of the team, these activities will enhance their overall personality and problem-solving abilities.

In this way, students can also become innovators as they get a lot of opportunities to develop new projects using advanced technologies.

We follow two approaches, one is the CIC approach while the other is Design and Thinking.

CIC Approach

We follow a unique methodology enabling students to evolve from Consumer-to-Innovator to-Creator. The student initiates this journey by working with various kits and platforms to gain a complete skill set. The students gradually become capable of innovating and bringing change to the world. In the last step, students create a product that can be introduced to the market and help the world become a better place.

Design Thinking Approach

We have a curriculum designed for the exponential growth of students from taking small steps to achieving milestones in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Robotics. Our curriculum has an emphasis on design and thinking and is academic-relevant as per your education boards. We also offer customized curriculums following the skill set of students.

We provide a curriculum that is closely linked with academics, along with delivering 21st-century skills, enthusiastic support from our innovation engineers, and many other resources. Thus, STEMROBO enhances hands-on learning and develops 21st-century abilities, both of which are essential for students to be successful in the years to come.