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About ASN Senior Secondary School

Adarsh Shiksha Niketan, was founded by an eminent and dedicated educationist Shri K.L. Luthra in the year 1975 with a clear vision, a strong mission and a relentless drive to serve the society in the field of education. The desire to serve in a novel way led to the merger of the modern concepts with Indian culture. His boundless zeal and untiring efforts along with dedication of teachers help the School to grow in leaps and bounds from its humble beginning to its present status.
ASN Sr. Sec. School has an objective to sensitize the students and the society that exists around and acts on its motto “FAITH & FOLLOW, ACT & ACHIEVE, SERVE & SMILE” to achieve its mission. Education here is disseminated with a core objective to create culturally developed, responsible and conscientious global citizens.
Our child centric, futuristic philosophy promotes growth mindset, recognizing every child to be unique, having his own strengths and challenges, and equally important for the sustainable universal familyhood.
We strive towards creating a fine balance between academic excellence and human insight; foster inclusivity by embracing diversity, promote belonging for every student and ensure a safe, secure and nurturing environment for every student to enjoy, learn, thrive and achieve.
Learning at ASN is an active process and our learners – enquiring researchers, capable problem solvers, innovative thinkers, promising leaders, are continuously building knowledge and skills, creating meaning not only as an end in and of themselves, but developing a deeper understanding of the world outside, to make positive contribution to it.
A vital and robust interface between all stake holders bespoke our endeavours in establishing a collaborative framework of share values and goals, aligned towards a unified outcome of excellence in education and nation building.
The school has earned laurels and splendid reputation for its ideals and standard of education.

21st century

Great Place for 21st Century Learning

ASN Senior Secondary School
is equipped with
1 Smart Classrooms equipped with latest technologies
2 Pre-Tinkering Labs (early exposure to tinkering concepts)
3 End-to-End Development of our future generation
4 Enriching Workshops and Seminars for Holistic Development
5 Continous Evaluation and upskilling of the Teachers
6 Global Exposure for Students
7 Career Counselling for Students (Tentative)
8 Aligned with UNSDG goals
9 Atal Tinkering Lab
10 Project Based Learning

ASN Senior Secondary School Facilities

School Surveillance System
Maths Labs
Smart Class Rooms
Conference Hall
School Surveillance System
Maths Labs
Smart Class Rooms
Conference Hall

Let's watch the impact ASN Senior Secondary School is making on students in collaboration with STEMROBO

Students of ASN Senior Secondary being
prepared for the 21st Century

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