STEMROBO has come up with unique methodology of bridging the gap of Industry and academia at a very early stage. We have a well planned Activity & Project based learning solution for students combined with Industry Visits and Live training on latest technologies. We concentrate on Innovation rather than preaching the concepts. With the infusion of technology in each and every aspect of life it has become omnipotent for the students to switch to smart education based on activities around Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Robotics combined with Web Application based Technologies and Innovations.


STEMROBO Technovation Lab

STEMROBO Customized Club

STEMROBO Project Based Learning

STEMROBO Mobile App Learning

STEMROBO Industry Interface Program

STEMROBO Teacher Development Program

Concepts Taught

  • 21st century skills: Research, creative thinking and innovation, teamwork and multitasking
  • Technical skills: Interactive design and testing, problem solving, analyzing and interpreting data
  • Science skills: Physics, kinematics, dynamics, computer science
  • Mathematics: Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, ratios and proportions, radius, circumference and diameters, frequency and amplitude
  • Technology: Programming, bluetooth technology and wireless communications, electronics
  • Engineering: Rotational motion, scaling, ratios, speed and torque, multiple hypotheses and predictions