Hydraulic Bridge

  • Learn PACSAL’s Law.
  • Hands-On-Learning on the power of Liquids.
  • Introductory course on the working of Machines and how you can make your own using Hydraulics.
  • Live observation of Atmospheric Pressure and its effects on water.
  • Learn how machines like Hydraulic Claw and Hydraulic Bridge work like.

850.00 499.00



What’s the connection between a water pistol and a gigantic hydraulic crane? On the face of it, no connection at all. But think about the science behind them and you’ll reach a surprising conclusion: water pistols and cranes use the power of moving liquids in a very similar way. This technology is called hydraulics and it’s used to power everything from car brakes and garbage trucks to motorboat steering and garage jacks. In this course the child will get a chance to take a closer look at how it works! In the Stemrobo Hydraulics Series Kids will enjoy as they learn how to join different parts included in the kit to make a Hydraulic Claw to hold and let go of objects. Included in the kit are syringes and tubes kids fill with water and connect to each machine—learning how to convert energy as they set each machine in motion!

Technical Details

  • Batteries Required- No
  • Batteries Included- No
  • Color- White
  • Item part number- HBv1
  • Manufacturer’s Minimum Suggested Age- 5.00


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