FIRST INNOVATION LEAGUE is a STEMROBO Workshop Series designed by researchers and academicians at STEMROBO Technologies especially for school students, where they will learn how to develop and operate a Robot by applying basic laws of physics, math’s and of course basic concept of robotics, in the course of which they will be building a strong foundation and inclination towards STEM-Robotics

STEMROBO Workshop Objective

  • The basic purpose of workshop is to provide the students and school an ideal platform wherein students can learn, program and experiment with robotics and understand the science and technology behind robotics.
  • Students can co-relate the learning of the robotics to their day to day school curriculum.
  • In Workshop students not only learn, but transform their ideas in to reality.
  • Fosters the spirit of creativity, innovation and team work. It gives the students an opportunity not only to conceive but also to create.
  • Acting as a good stress buster and a fun packed event for schools, teachers, management and everyone
  • FIRST INNOVATION LEAGUE is especially designed for a school student as per the intellectual level of a school student who wants to gain an insight into practical learning of robotics by applying simple school physics and mechanics.
  • School student between grade 4th to grade 12th can attend, there will be different level of complexity for different grades.
  • Interest or passion in Science & Robotics, and learning new things
Workshop will be delivered on Different Robotics Variants based on the experience, age group of the participants. The VARIOUS WORKSHOP VARIANTS are as follows:
FIL-Manual is workshop on wired control robotics, in this workshop student will learn:

  • How to control their machines/robots using wires and switches.
  • Using those components student can make many interesting educational hobby/science projects.
  • Manual Robotics is a manual remote control robot which works & moves on the instruction of human with the help of a wired remote.
FIL-Mobile is workshop on Line Follower based robotics, in this workshop student will learn:

  • FIL-Mobile   is a well known application of robot where a robot is being controlled with the use of mobile phones.
  • It provides the advantage of robust control, working range is as large as mobile networks (i.e world wide range).
FIL-Autonomous is a workshop on intelligent IR sensor based Robot which moves without human intervention. The workshop session focuses on the design and development of basics functionalities of Robots that includes Obstacle avoider, line follower, Edge detector, light avoider, light follower etc
FIL-Wireless is a workshop building wireless robots using radio frequency.The movement is controlled by the transmission of signals through air.
FIL-Computer is a workshop that involves controlling robots via computer. PC based robot accepts the control signals from the computer to move the Robot in all the directions.
FIL-Wireless is all about Wireless controlling Of Robot using Hand Gestures. This workshop is for the students who want to think beyond & think different. Now days it becomes very important to control the robots just with gestures
Concepts Taught through STEMROBO Workshop
  • 21st century skills: Research, creative thinking and innovation, teamwork and multitasking
  • Technical skills: Interactive design and testing, problem solving, analyzing and interpreting data
  • Science skills: Physics, kinematics, dynamics, computer science
  • Mathematics: Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, ratios and proportions, radius, circumference and diameters, frequency and amplitude
  • Technology: Programming, bluetooth technology and wireless communications, electronics
  • Engineering: Rotational motion, scaling, ratios, speed and torque, multiple hypotheses and predictions

STEMROBO Workshop is highly flexible and can be adapted as per the need, requirement of schools. We are already working with the renewed DPS(Delhi Public School) chain in implementation of STEMROBO Workshops in the DPS school.

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