Poppet STEMBOT Kit Solution


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Poppet STEMBOT Kit Solution

Poppet  Educational Robotics Kit –With Bluetooth Operation


An educational kit for beginners  to get hands-on experience about Arduino programming, electronics assembling , Bluetooth Communication and robotics knowledge. It is an integration solution for robotics learning and made for STEM education.


INRODUCTORY  BLUETOOTH CONTROLLED ROBOT : Poppet is an introductory kit with  Wireless

Bluetooth   Operation. This kit can be connected to Android Devices via Bluetooth  and operated in

different modes.


FLEXIBLE ROBOT KIT: This robotics kit can be transformed into  different types of robots; Gesture Controlled Robot, Line-Following robot, Obstacle Avoider Robot ,Obstacle Follower Robot , Edge-Detection Robot, Interactive Bluetooth Controlled Robot and many more.


SIMPLE ROBOT ASSEMBLY: The STEMBOT Smart’s electronic circuits are kid-friendly with easy wiring and no soldering required. We’ve the designed the kit to be simple and safe so your child can learn without any risk of getting hurt.


Our robotics kit includes a full set of tools for building real robots, including motors, circuit boards, and Chasis. Batteries are included, manual and helpful tutorial videos are available  that will help you start programming and building immediately!


Poppet  Kit  Components

  1. Ultrasonic Sensor
  2. Bluetooth Module
  3. DC Motor -2
  4. Arduino Uno Board
  5. STEMBOT Shield
  6. IR Sensor -2
  7. Caster Wheel
  8. Batteries 2
  9. A-B Cable
  10. Wheels -2
  11. Screws and Nuts
  12. Screws and Nuts Pack
  13. Connecting Wires

Learning Outcome

Electronics kit is used to teach basic and advance electronics Design and Programming to School Students, to help them to develop interest in Science, Technology Engineering & Mathematics(STEM). We believe in practical and projects based learning. We develop new electronics projects and design kits and ideas to explain electronics concepts. Our Electronics project kits are intuitive and based on Do It  Yourself  methodology. In addition to learning we try to create practical and useful projects which may be used as gadgets by students and electronics hobbyists.


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