Project Based Learning(PBL) STEM Kit Solution


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Project Based Learning(PBL) STEM Kit Solution

Educational kit for beginners to get hands-on experience about graphical programming, electronics and robotics. It is an all-in-one solution for robotics learning and designed for STEM education. It is a great way to get started with Arduino, Coding and Electronics! This kit includes the components you need to make simple to advanced projects

Multiple projects with different types of input and output device can be configured  with Electronics Explorer kit. Explorer kit takes the learner from basics of Science & Technology to Advanced Engineering  and Programming concepts.

Electronics Explorer kit can be programmed through Graphical User Interface & Arduino IDE  Electronics Explorer kit hardware configuration allows  user to start with individual modules and step by step progress to interface multiple sensors and other components.

Beginners can start with GUI and can move to advanced level using Arduino IDE.  Drag-and-drop graphical programming environment provides a quick way to learn programming, This kit is perfect for learning STEM and gives a head start in creative programming that will have a positive impact on all aspects of education!

Electronics explorer kit circuits are user -friendly with easy wiring and no soldering required. We’ve the designed the kit to be simple and safe so user  can learn without any risk of getting hurt.

Our kit includes a full set of tools for building , module interface, connecting wires and frame sets. Instruction manuals and helpful tutorial videos are available, it  will help you to start programming and building immediately!


Electronics Explorer kit is widely accepted in various innovation labs and technology training centres. Electronics Explorer kit transforms the students to learner to innovator, innovator to inventor!


Electronics Explorer Kit Components

  1. STEMROBO Advanced Multi Utility Interface Shield
  2. Arduino Board
  3. Seven Segment Display Module
  4. LCD Module
  5. Ultrasonic Sensor Module
  6. IR Sensor Module
  7. IR Sensor Module
  8. LDR Module
  9. 3×3 LED Module
  10. MIC Module
  11. Switch Module
  12. Motor Driver Shield Module
  13. Buzzer Module
  14. RGB LED Module
  15. DC Motor & Fan
  16. A-B Cable
  17. DC Adapter
  18. Screw Driver
  19. Connecting Wires

Electronics Explorer Kit Based Sample  Activities

  1. GUI Based Led Blinking
  2. GUI Based LED patterns and Running Light
  3. GUI Based RGB LED Programming
  4. GUI Based SSD Programming
  5. GUI Based Buzzer Programming
  6. GUI Based LCD Programming
  7. GUI Based Sensor Programming
  8. Project using Arduino IDE: Hello World! on LCD
  9. Project using Arduino IDE: Led Blinking
  10. Project: Brightness control using PWM
  11. Project using Arduino IDE: RGB LED Programming
  12. Project using Arduino IDE: Led Array
  13. Project using Arduino IDE: Controlling Electric Motor with PWM
  14. Project using Arduino IDE: Creating Sounds with the Piezo Buzzer
  15. Project using Arduino IDE: LDR based Automatic Street Light
  16. Project using Arduino IDE: IR Sensor controlled Fan
  17. Project using Arduino IDE: Print Sensor Reading on LCD
  18. Project using Arduino IDE: Ultrasonic Sensor Based Distance Meter
  19. Project using Arduino IDE: Traffic Light Control
  20. Project using Arduino IDE: Sound Sensor based LED
  21. Project using Arduino IDE:: Bluetooth based LED and motor control


Learning Outcome

Electronics kit is used to teach basic and advance electronics Design and Programming to School Students, to help them to develop interest in Science, Technology Engineering & Mathematics(STEM). We believe in practical and projects based learning. We develop new electronics projects and design kits and ideas to explain electronics concepts. Our Electronics project kits are intuitive and based on Do It  Yourself  methodology. In addition to learning we try to create practical and useful projects which may be used as gadgets by students and electronics hobbyists.


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